Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can a Leopard Change his spots????

I have been trying to write part two of this blog for over 6 months and haven't accomplished it. Today I will put it to rest.
NO. The answer is NO! A leopard can not change his spots. It is impossible for a leopard to do anything to change the spots on his fur. Can mankind do anything to change his own spots? Spots of course meaning those qualities that are negatives about him. Selfishness, greed, conceit, hatred, lust, depravity, deceit, are just a few that come to mind. There is absolutely no way that man can make himself better. No amount of school, no one that you know, no job that you have had, no experience that you are relying on or money that you earn will make you into someone who is pure and holy, righteous and just plain good. The Bible says that our righteousness is as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6) There is no goodness in us. There is only one way to be the best that you can be and that is to admit that you are not and ask God to make you over into who He wants you to be. Surrender yourself to the one who created you and he will begin to make you over into the very best.

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