Friday, October 9, 2009


I recently went to my "37th" High School Reunion. Not 35 or 40, no this was indeed our 37th. The class had so much fun at the last reunion that they didn't want to wait until the 40 mark. This was to be the celebration of the 55th birthday of the 1972 graduates of Warren Central High School.
We had over 500 kids in our graduating class but only 30 showed up to reunite! I have to admit that I dreaded going. I have gained at least 80 ugly pounds since last seeing these people and was struggling with some self esteem issues but I put on my XL big girl panties and went anyway.
I was astounded by how much most of us had changed. When did it happen? Why, just the other day we were 18 and having the time of our lives. No responsibilities and no worries. Now....37 years later time had left a mark on our faces, hair (or lack of,) bodies, teeth, and vision. When did it happen and why didn't we see it coming. Wrinkles, hairloss, blindness, weight gain...... I'm having surgery tuesday. I tore the meniscus in my right knee. The doctor didn't hesitate to tell me more than once that if I was 15 and fell on my knee I wouldn't have any damage but due to "age" and arthritis.....thank you Dr DiLella. I'm feeling so much better about the "golden years".